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Tip 3 Quirky Tips To Get More Pennies From POF!

Tip 3 Quirky Tips To Get More Pennies From POF!

Hey Hey !

After coming home from days that are action packed filled with not a second to spare in Thailand, to having way too much time on my hands back in Melbourne I decided to run a few miniature case studies for you fella’s and felletes out there,

And I really hope this broadens your eyes for POF and how making slight changes to working campaigns, can make them THAT MUCH better

Heck this shit even surprised me..

Anyway here we are!

Number 1:

I know a lot of you guys out there are scouring the spy tool all day long copying ads and hoping for the best, but one quick tip I found for raising ctr is so damn simple.

I decided to copy an ad which had a headline this.

{age:18+} & Single?
Meet girls from {state:default} who want to meet guys like you! Join Now!

So I thought hey instead of looking like a million other ads out there why dont I reverse it?

So I did:

Single & {age:18+}?
Join Now to meet girls from {state:default} interested in Guys like you!

results after 6000 imps

Ad 1. 0.042 ctr
Ad2. 0.102 ctr <—– same images, almost double the ctr. Damn I feel dumb.

Number 2.

This was caused by a mistake.

Female images for female users.

I was doing a BBW campaign and instead of selecting male I selected female and without noticing I let the campaign run for a 2 weeks.

Now why didn’t I notice?

Because the damn females made me more profits then the male images did?

Because I often duplicate my campaigns I had a working male image campaign and compared it to my female campaign and it was like this.

Female images. (5 images + 2 headlines)
Average ctr – 0.131
Average conversion rate – 26.98%

Male images. (3 images + 2 headlines)
Average ctr – 0.119
Average conversion rate – 21.45%

Yeah… I have no idea why, maybe girls feel comfortable seeing other girls are members of the site?

Number 3.

I owe this one too Mr Green, but god damn that >> really does work and I dont know why?

I tested it against my usual banners and I added it to the bottom left corner in a blue colour so it looked like a usual hyperlink colour, and I made it clearly visible in size.

I did test this on 10 of my banners and I ran the banners for a lengthy time and it may just have been the luck of the draw of users clicking the banners but 9/10 times the banner with >> won and it added an average of 0.087 to the banner

Now whether it was the >> or not, add it to your images because 0.087, max was 0.105, lowers your cpc a pretty darn considerable amount especially if your running volume!

Anyway I hope you guys like these tips and I will make sure to run a few more if they come to mind!