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The Cheap Bastard Method - Make your first IM dollars for free!



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Apr 25, 2016
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I call this cheap bastard method because that's what I am when it comes to trying things first, if you can go the free way till you figure out it all out then invest and profit
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Things I used:

> Smartphone (not free...but c'mon who doesn't have one of these)
> 2-8 Instagram accounts ( new or aged, get aged ones if you can)
> Weebly ( you can use Wix, or WordPress...they are all free so pick one)
> OGads account
> Peerfly account (optional)
>Photoshop CS2 (also free legally through Adobe)(optional)

That's literally everything I used through out the journey and some of it is optional like you don't need Photoshop or Peerfly. Now they are all free except for the phone if you really look at it you are spending money on the cell phone bill, but for the sake of this we will leave that out as it can vary so widely between person.

Now this is exactly what I did and how I did as detailed as it can be, I may catch crap for I guess disclosing so much information for free but....I guess I wish I would of found a thread like this when I started and If someone succeeds from using this...even one person then sirs, I succeeded.

With that said this is what I did from step 1 literally....(pics included for you coloring book type motherfuckers)

Step 1 is find a niche, now this is always the one that people get stuck on cause they tend to over think this like its a life or death choice. Honestly pick the most saturated, most talked about, popular niche you can find. Most of you will be surprised to hear that I made 99% of that money with nothing other than Pokemon GO. That's right I didn't spend 70 years doing research or trying to figure out what gets the most hits where, nope. I simply looked around and saw that Pokemon GO was going to be a huge bubble that anyone can profit from.

So niche picked
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easy as that, like I said just pay attention to your surroundings and what people are talking about, you can profit largely from trends especially if they are nostalgic ones like Pokemon.
A good place to find stuff that is popular or trending is Flipboard, just do a Google search for it, it's pretty awesome.

Great so you found a super saturated, super popular niche! Now you need a network and an offer related to that niche! So let's get to work....

Go to OGads and sign up on the top right of the screen. Follow the instructions and be honest in the application, I cant stress this enough guys. Please do not lie to these people, do not say you have 10 years experience if you really don't because now they are going to ask for proof and you are fucked.
All I had when I signed up to OGads was an empty Weebly Website and 1 Instagram account.

When it comes to the part when they ask you to how you plan to promote their products, again just be honest, they will ask you for all your social media accounts. I suggest instead of focusing on the social media presence you do not yet have, focus more on your plan. So I actually wrote on that little box my plan to promote their products and the ways I was going to do it.

If you divert their attention from the fact that you literally have 0 social media presence, with something like explaining your strategy not only have you succeeded at getting their attention away from that negative bullet point but you also look like boss that knows what their talking about, even if you don't Google is your best friend.

Great so you got a super saturated awesome, dog dick niche and you got accepted into a network wooooooot! Okay now lets look for an offer....

Now this was easy again since PokemonGO at that time was going bananas and networks were starting to roll out pokemongo offers, I found one super quick. So once you are accepted into OGads, if you go to your dashboard and look at the left menu bar, right under dashboard you should see where it says "Landing Page Request" with a little Harry Potter lightning bolt symbol next to it. Click on that and it will take you to a page where you can actually choose an already made landing page!

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*Some of you said you had troubles finding this page within OGads, fear not my friends..I got you. *

So on this page I found two PokemonGO offers both for a free coin offers with email submits. Knowing how crazy Pokemon GO is going at the moment I request them both to try them. So just request a landing page that you sounds appealing to you, most of will have pretty obvious names as to what the offer is (kylieslipkit, fifacoins..etc) It may take anywhere from 60 seconds to 3 hours to have a lading page request approved. I noticed that when I requested my first two landing pages OGads took 1-2hrs to approve them but as time went on I literally got insta-approved, so if your request pends for a bit don't loose your panties.

At this point you should have a niche, a CPA network, an offer with landing page. Take a look at the landing page you just got and see how it looks and performs, for the most part the landing pages OGads has look okay and perform just fine. At this point you are almost ready to start making money so let's keep going shall we.

Next you will need 2-7 Instagram accounts based around your niche. This is where I noticed most people had questions, so listen up..or read up...hmmm..
The whole point to creating an account to do this with is to make it look as human as possible. We have all seen the IG accounts that are so obviously promoting something on their page and i'm sure we all agree that they look spammy. So avoid that shit and take some time to create an account, you are doing this manually after all so dig in and get the hands dirty..here I'll help you.

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Those are two literal examples of the how I had two of my PokemonGO accounts set up. Notice they are very human and even though they are catered towards Pokemon, the overall structure of the set-up can be applied to any niche and or offer. As you can see the progression on the last two pics as far as the bio goes. Do not be afraid to experiment with your bios guys just make sure to keep them human almost like your a real person who found this awesome deal that you can't wait to share it with everyone!

Go create 2-7 of these accounts now using your phone and your Laptop, PC, Tablet, Friends phone, Dog's phone don't matter. Make sure you keep all the login information safe and secured in a place where you can find it but not loose it. To verify the accounts use Text+ and do the phone verification or just create free emails at Gmail, Yahoo, AOL. For the account creation I always make sure I uploaded a profile pic and at least 4-6 niche related photos all having 4-7 niche related hashtags. (#pokemongo, #pokemon, #pikachu...etc..)

You don't have to upload pics or profile pics or even like post anything, you can literally just follow people for this to work, but I liked building accounts and I felt like these accounts earned ALOT more than those who are created with the purpose of churn and burn...these also last longer which means they earn more money..and I like money.

Cool so you now have some awesome human IG accounts created! You can have all these under one niche if you or spread across a couple like I did. I suggest so sticking to one niche starting out, since it will be easier to keep track of clicks and stats.

Now go to Weebly and sign up with them if you haven't done so already. Weebly like many of you know is a super easy drag and drop website builder, that is amazingly easy to use and very efficient but above all...free....

You are going to create a landing page! yep don't be scared it's a lot easier than they make it sound even for a complete noob. So here is an example of a Weebly landing page I made for my accounts...

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Nothing crazy guys kept it simple, I made the picture clickable and the button at the bottom as well. I embedded the URL from the lading page I requested from OGads in to the picture and the button so that there 2 places the traffic clicks on it that re direct to the OGads landing page or offer page.

Go create 2-3 of these Weebly landing pages and name them something related to the niche, I had things like pokemongocoinsfree.weebly.com just make it relevant. You can embed the OGads landing page url to multiple landing pages as I did with no problem.

Now take the URL from your Weebly landing page and go to Bit.ly or Goo.gl to shorten it, once that's done place that link on your bio and your done.

You should now have a niche with an offer, 2-7 IG accounts, and 2-3 Custom landing pages that re-direct to your offer.

Now comes the fun part, the making money part.

Since you are doing this with $0 investment you are going to have to do this manually but don't worry it's a lot easier than you think. This is what I did for every account......

-Follow 150-200 people a day.
-Post 4 to 7 niche related pictures a day with 4-7 relevant hashtags.
-Post 1 picture a day advertising your offer, telling people to click link on your bio.
-Like 50-100 niche related pics per day
-Upload engaging pics (Comment below, tag a friend) those type.

You are going to this per account everyday, It's going to suck I will not lie especially If you have more than 3 accounts. It's super time consuming but like I said it's free and at the end of the day your earning money by uploading pics to an app you can get over the 1-1.5 hours it will take you everyday to do this.

You are going to follow the people who like and comment on similar photos, to find those just simply do a IG search on your desired niche hashtag and click on the "Top" tab to reveal the top pages and posts within that niche, simply just follow all those people. Don't worry about pausing in between follows literally go as fast as your bionic finger will allow you too, be careful not to exceed 200 follows a day.

Do not worry about unfollowing cause chances are your accounts will not be alive long enough for you to get to a point where you have to unfollow. Just follow people within your niche the way I told you and you'll be getting clicks to your landing page in no time. Do not forget to also engage with your followers and don't be afraid to throw an unrelated picture upload to your IG, it shows your human. Some of my accounts said things like Fallout freak or Game of Thrones fan, I did that so I could post random pics unrelated to my niche offer to again make the account look human
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Guys that it literally all I did to earn $48 in about 24-26 days for free with no investment through OGads and Instagram. This is perfect for anyone looking to make their first dollars online like me, and also the knowledge you gain from this is unbelievable. This method is not for the people looking to quit their jobs and make money passively, yes you can scale this easily with a couple of tools to make $100+ a day but then it eventually turns into you just being an IG account creation monkey...at the end of the day it more trouble than its worth but it does work for short term.

I hope this weird guide/method helps somebody looking to make some quick cash online. You can definitely make money online for "free" but it's so much better to have money to invest from the get go.