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Social Media Content



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Jul 24, 2021
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Social Media Content
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Social media content is any content that you are posting to the various social networking sites to drive traffic to your website. It is also much more than that as well, it should be part of your campaign which will make you look like an expert.
You see there is good content and bad content that is posted, but we are only going to concentrate on the good content. So if it’s not on the list below then don’t post it on Facebook or Twitter.
Social media is such a great way for you to build your own brand image and it really isn’t that hard to do. Your social media content should consist of blog posts, articles, videos and just about anything that you feel is of value to somebody else.
Social Media Content – 5 Things To Share
Below is a list of all the content that you can share on any social media site. Also there is a bonus to doing this which I will save for the end.
  • Share your blog posts with the world, social media sites love them, and if you have a great blog so will other people on the networking site. I have often visited a blog that I have found on a social media site.
  • Video is a very powerful way to get your message across and is great to use on social networking sites. As long as you are providing value and entertaining content you will generate a lot of traffic and followers by using this method.
  • As well as blog posts share your articles with everyone, there are two ways to do this. The first is to share the link to the article in different groups, very powerful. Or you can create a document on a Facebook groups and add it to the group. Whichever you chose they are both powerful ways to brand yourself.
  • Share up and coming events, these could be local or national. They could even be free webinars that people might be interested in viewing. As long as it is relevant and on topic they these are great to post.
  • Post inspirational quotes to help motivate people on a daily basis. I see a lot of people doing this and they get some really positive feedback so its well worth doing.
Social Media Content – Lets Look A Little Deeper
All of these items should be part of your that you do each day. As you will notice I have not included anything about pushing capture pages and for good reason. Most sites do not like them, they serve a purpose and are vital to your success but I would recommend not posting them in social media sites.
You will also notice that I have not included any company website, join this ground floor opportunity and you don’t don’t need to actually work to make money with my program posts. I think that speaks for itself!
The in your business has never been greater and I said that I had a bonus as to why all of this is so important. Well each time you place a link to your blog or article or video from one of these sites it is a backlink to that page. I’m not going to go into backlinks right now but they are extremely important.
So you are doing two things. One is to promote yourself to world and show casing your talents and the second is telling Google how great your content is. Your social media content is very important so just think about what you are posting online to promote your business.