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SEMRush Pro Account FREE

It's free for 24 hrs before you will be prompted for buying their service. You can create another one when you require one... over-n-over... again-n-again.

--> No Email required.
--> No CC or Payment required.
--> You'll get Pro account valid for 24 hrs.
--> You can search / download 'N' number of data.

So, lets get started....

--> Surf SEMRush with any keyword.
--> When prompted for 'Login', enter any email & password.
--> Keep surfing / researching.
--> Time to time SEMRush will redirect your page to their payment page. Just hit 'Back' and keep on working.
--> After almost 10 redirects it'll prompt for 'Enter your Name & Phone for 1 day Pro account'.
--> Enter any name and random number for phone. If they rejects phone, just go to fakenamegenerator.com and get a number.
--> You are good to go with SEMRush Pro Account FREE.
--> If you need more account just clear you browser Cache & History and create another.

All the best.