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OuttaTimr The ULTIMATE Email Tool by Ryan Deiss

The ULTIMATE Email Tool
This Simple Plugin Creates Urgency, Increases Engagement and Drives Massive Clicks From Even Dead Email Lists

Increase Clicks and Engagement From Email Now
Order Now For JUST $49.95 And Get Instant Access To OuttaTimr!
In the last 6 months, Outtatimr has increased our email click through rates by 134%. Even better? The last time we used Outtatimr in a flash sale campaign our CONVERSION rate increased by 97%.

There isn't an email tool out there that has a bigger effect on your bottom line!
Ryan Deiss
Ryan Deiss
OuttaTimr Is Simple To Set Up And Easy To Deploy Quickly
Create Unlimited, Custom Email Timers To Drive Urgency And Sales Right Now

Activate Subscribers
Quickly turn current subscribers into brand new or repeat customers and clients when combined with a time-limited special offer.

Increase Clicks
Generate a huge spike in clicks, by an average of 134% more clicks when compared to ordinary timer-less emails.

Create Urgency
Subscribers hate missing out on good deals, and a timer ticking down practically forces them to click through and buy.

Create Email Countdown Timers In Just 4 Steps

Step 1: Choose Your Timer Settings
In Step 1, you’ll start by choosing a name for your timer and picking the right size timer width for your email (typical width is 450 - 500 pixels wide).

Then select the timezone your countdown to be based on and pick the end date and time for when your timer will expire.

Step 2: Choose Your Link Settings
In Step 2, you’ll choose a name for the links your subscribers will be sent to when they click your timer.

The first link is for the Active URL that you want to send all visitors to while the timer is still active and counting down.

The second link is for the Expired URL that you want to send all visitors to when they click AFTER your timer has expired so your clicks are not lost!

Step 3: Choose Your Timer Style
In Step 3, you’ll select the timer design you want from one of the 12 high-converting countdown timer designs.

Then you’ll also select from one of the 6 Expired Timer designs for when your timer has expired letting them know that they missed out if they didn't take action.

Step 4: Add Your Timer Code Into Your Email
In Step 4, you’ll simply Copy the small line of html code for you timer, open up your email client, Paste in your code, press SEND...

...then watch the huge spike in clicks that comes in!

OuttaTimr Works With ANY Email Provider
If you can add html code into your email client, then the OuttaTimr WordPress plugin will WORK for you.

OuttaTimr works with:
...And many more

Salespage: http://outtatimr.com/

Download : https://mega.nz/#!nhoAlSBY!KRk3L-g7MwO3H8nt4CcyPXCB90Q10OqLRc1JA_Aavwk