[Method] Make money with giveaways and get a ton of messenger subscribers

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The point of this method is to:

1. Run a successful giveaway on Facebook for months.
2. Make money.
3. Gain subscribers at low cost, and make more money with selling more to them.

Niche and product

Niche related giveaways, stores, etc. will usually bring more loyal participants, subscribers, customers than broad niches. Pick a product that is a bestseller, a product that people would love to have, a product that can bring a lot of engagement.

To optimize the campaign, lower the cost of ads and cost per subscriber, giveaway one product per week. This could be one of your 'set it and forget it' campaigns, running 24/7 while you pick a winner once per week.

Ad structure

  • Campaign Objective: PPE
  • Video of a product
  • Giveaway text with a link to your product page where they can buy it + Ask them a question → A question must be simple, niche related and easy to answer (To participate tell us who named your child? What is your pet’s name? Is red lipstick attractive?)
  • Connect your ad to the messenger.


You can:

  1. Retarget anyone who engaged with your previous ads/posts.
  2. Retarget all visitors from the last 180 days.
  3. LAA 1% of Buyers, ATC, IC, Visits, Page like, ...
  4. Target separate interests: Shop/Brand, Magazines, Authors/Influencers, Communities


  • Recap giveaway text and rules.
  • Remind them to like the page.
  • Announce the winner weekly and offer runner up deals OR redirect them to a landing page (more powerful) where you have a special offer for them.
  • To increase their chance, ask them to share your giveaway.
  • Invite them to closed VIP Facebook group.
  • Send them new products/offers.
To increase subscribers, it's important to reply to all the comments on the post manually or use a tool.

More ideas about messenger in my previous post here → [Method] Make money with building a list of loyal messenger subscribers (Step by Step)


With this campaign, you will:

1. Get page likes by inviting those who engaged with your ad (use a Chrome extension called 'Invite post likers to like a page in Facebook™' to automate this process).
2. Get page likes from your messenger campaign.
3. Get messenger subscribers.
4. Get sales from the giveaway and new offers.
5. Build a retargeting & LAA audience.

Why do we want more messenger subscribers?

Giveaways are ideal to get subscribers at low cost who can make you money over and over. Due to the high open rate, engagement this can be more valuable than email subscribers. If you pick the very popular product you won't get only crap audience who chases giveaways around.

Why do we want more page likes and people in a closed Facebook group?

A lot of people will argue that page likes are not important at all. I hear you and your point! But I always invested money into building my pages because those fans make me way more money than it costs me to build a community.

My engagement on the page was always higher than average (FB loves when you spend money ). I'm not making money just by selling to them; they engage with posts/ads, and that brings ad costs down, I'm building LAA audiences, target their friends, ...

But we don't stop there. We invite them to our closed VIP Facebook group where our super fans connect, they invite their friends, vote for our next products, and in exchange, we offer them special deals. They make us money before we spend anything on ads.


That's it for today!