[METHOD] Make beer money (possibly more) milking TikTok craze


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Hey everyone,

The method I'm going to post is extremely easy and involves no complications. This is also not an entirely new method and involves just reselling a particular service. But I still decided to post this thread as I'm sure this might be a new thing for a lot of newbies.

This is something I do for 15-20 minutes lying in bed at night before dozing off and it brings me anywhere between $150-400 per month. You can probably make more if you invest more time and introduce automation to this method.

Also, this method might not work for every country. Tap into countries with massive tiktok users. I only target India as it's easier to get the payment from them in local wallets as I'm from India as well.

Getting to the point now.

Things you need :

  1. 3-4 panels that provide tiktok views. They sell for throwaway prices ranging from $.03 to .10 per 1000 views. You need to have 3-4 as you need to have a backup in case one doesn't work.
  2. Dedicated instagram account for this thing.
  3. Local wallets if you're targeting your home country, paypal and other possible payment methods if you target a global audience.
What you need to do :

  1. Keep your Instagram ready with prices. In bio or post images. Ideal price would be $1 to $1.5 per 1000 views.
  2. Search for users using the hashtag #tiktok and check their posts and bio. If they are posting tiktok videos, drop them a template message : "Interested in some cheap views for your tiktok account? Come try us and go viral in no time. Free samples available". Since the prices are dirt cheap, it wouldn't hurt you to give out a free sample. In my case 30% of the users came back and bought the views. Not bad, right?

What you need to take care of : Test the panels for yourself for the views before starting this process. Make a throwaway tiktok account and test multiple panels for views.

If you see success, scale up using automation. You can possibly even sell followers.