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Making Some Easy Cash With InstaGram


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I'm sure this kind of method has been shared here in the past, these results are not ingenious nor difficult to achieve. Success with this particular method comes down to simply finding a product/niche to target and then gaining targeted followers.

So, simply put, I registered an InstaGram page about a month ago but only started using the page about a week ago... I chose to start a page centered around "Computers for Sale" and "PC Parts & Hardware".

I built a website and manually listed around 250 random computers and hardware parts, added a nice logo and layout and used a branded domain that's an exact match to my InstaGram username.

Keep in mind that my website is NOT an affiliate site, by this I mean that I directly took products from another site and listed them at a higher price on my site. For example, a brand new laptop from the supplier at a cost of $249.99 would be listed on my site for $289.99 (And I charge a flat fee on my website of $9.99 for shipping & the shipping from the supplier is free).

Over the past week, I found 10 InstaGram pages that are PC related that have a lot of followers/likes and I began to follow all of the users who liked the uploads on these pages. I only followed users who liked photos that were uploaded within the last 12 hours so I know those I were following were active.

Obviously, the website URL is in my InstaGram bio so users can find the site and make a purchase.

Today I made two sales on the site which now puts me at a total of 4 sales for the week.

Like I said, this isn't a genius method or anything but it is something that "works" and I think that's what's most important here... A workable method that doesn't require too much of an investment.

It's worth noting here that I didn't use any software or automation tools, I actually took the time to do this manually as when I do start a project, I want it to be a long term source of revenue (If it's going to be successful).

One quick tip that I'll throw in for those who are going to try this method, before following other people in hopes of them following back, I'd make sure to have at least 20 quality posts on your page with helpful comments.

If I upload a picture of a hard drive, I don't just say "Go shop now at the link in my bio", I'll say something to the effect of "Go check out this incredibly priced 4TB External Hard Drive at a price that will fit any budget. Shipping is only $9.99 on all items with 2 hour response email support. Tracking numbers are provided on all orders".

You can also go in to further detail about the product on the post such as specifications and what not, this will help show that you're educated about the products you sell and will help you to seem more reputable to your followers (Or should I say potential buyers).

If you have any questions just let me know below.