[Journey] Path to $500 a day - My Case Study


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heres my strategy to do it.

I'll be creating 5 new campaigns every 2 days using the guidelines below:

Campaign Setup:

• Build 5 blogs each dedicated to 1 micro-niche topic
• Create 3 blog posts for each niche, each post provides a solution to a specific problem the visitors are searching for
• Setup news category and syndicate latest news from niche
• Lock content with content lock, or file lock depending on the solutions format
• Integrate Google analytics to track conversions
• Integrate tracking202 to track conversions (maybe)

SEO Marketing Strategy:

• Optimize meta tags and content using keywords, blog tags, and categories
• Find a strategy for generating backlinks, possible options: Create 1000 backlinks per site
○ Social bookmarking
○ Pinging
○ RSS feed submission
○ Blog commenting

Video Marketing Strategy:

• Create a youtube, daily motion, metacafe, etc. channel for each niche
• Use Mass video blaster to re-post existing niche content to each channel (10 to 20 videos)
• Create video showing casing each solution oriented blog post, and explain the survey
• Use same strategy for generating backlinks, possible options:
○ Social bookmarks
○ Pinging
○ RSS feed submission
○ Blog Commenting
• Find service to boost views where I complete tasks to boost views

By the end of the 30 days Ill have 75 of these micro-niche blogs up, and would have laid some foundation for organic traffic. Whichever ones do well, ill go back and scale that niche out.