I wanted to Introduce myself


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Hey all,

my name is Noble and I am basically at the point where all the little things i have learned over the years are connecting and starting to make sense. That being I'm happy to be here with you guys, I know alot of smarts are here. My main starting point is a growing youtube gaming channel. I'm building a few nice sites. I'm just getting ready to start CPA. I've join a few CPA networks.
I'm always game to help someone out, or test something. Ping me anytime.

I have 2 questions,

1) If I wanted to trade my personal copy of Ubot Studios Pro (Selling my license as I can't figure it out. But I'm not looking for money really. I was looking to have a piece of software made (extremely simple, or even an android app). If that's not a possibly I'm willing to trade it for a very indept consulting on setting up my first successful CPA offers.

So I'm not really selling, I'm trading...and I dont want to post in the wrong spot, as a courtesy to my fellow CPA superheroes.

I guess my second question, if could u guys point me to a nice thread, or area in which you find is an excellent source for the finer details of CPA marketing.

Thanks for reading guys, and I look forward to sharing with the community. If my youtube game stream can somehow help someone, or you have an idea...I'm looking for a section to chat with people around that :)

Regards and have a great week.