How to make money with Chaturbate


This guide will show you step by step how to bank with Chaturbate affiliate program. If you will follow me you will bank with this method in your first week(even day).

What is Chaturbate?

is a FREE sex cam site where the surfer is allowed to enjoy all the benefits of the site without being charged a cent, including free cams, adult chat,etc. For every FREE registration you will earn 1,00$ and it doesn`t require even your email adress!


The biggest problem could be here how to drive targeted traffic to our adult offers,right?
Every popular porn sites like Pornhub,Redtube or Xhamster has own community for chatting with other
members of site...

We will use porn sites as our primary traffic source for !
Google for porn sites you`ll find a lot of sites with community!

Step 1. Create account at Xhamster

Go to Xhamster and create a hot female profile! Profile need to looks real so you will complete your profile
with all of information.Upload at least 10 pictures of hot girl(naked optionally)...Try to use pictures of girls from neighboor not
a pics of Adriana Lima! You can find those 10 pics on other porn sites or social sites...

Step 2. Add friends & accept friend request!

When you finished with Step 1. you should already receive at least 50 friend requests in few minutes!
Accept every single friend request and send 100 new friend request daily...

Step 3. Ready for action!

Your inbox is full of horny guys and you have few hundred friends...
Just tell them they can see your private live video show at and they need just create free account there
and you`ll show them something sweet...

Some examples of my messages

Hey! I just checked your profile and you seems interesting for me(I am single)...
Please add me here: "YOUR AFFILIATE LINK"
My username is: carla431
For start you `ll see my private video...

Hey!How are you? Would you see my private video show just for you?
Please add me here: "YOUR AFFILIATE LINK"
My username is: katie_s
It is free site so don`t worry!

I should delete my Xhamster account here because I don`t like this site and fake people
here! Can you understand me? Also I can give you where you can add me...OK?

Use any shortener service for your affiliate link!

Landing page

You don`t need use any landing page...
If your porn site or social network(I will mention later) block your affiliate link
you should build a landing page!
Don`t worry you don`t need invest in buying domain and hosting!
Just go to Pagewiz>>> and create your landing page under 5 minutes!

I like to create a landing page in Word and just upload it to Pagewiz and publish it!

One of my landing pages

(mini version)

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I am looking all the time for new solution how to maximize my earning and drink a coffe while
my softwares doing all tasks for me!
Before two months I found a software called >>>WebDomBot>>>

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It is 14 days FREE trial so I tried it and here it is what I found inside!
Plugins for 120 social sites(porn sites also) for sending friend requests,accept friends and send messages to users!

You can find plugins for sites like xhamster and other porn sites and run this method on autopilot!
After 6 days I already made 120$ just promoting an adult offer using that software...(Just trial version)!


Try manually with few porn sites like xhamster,redtube,etc. and then try with few other social networks
from WebDomBot
and compare on which site convert better your Chaturbate adult offer...

NOTE: You can easily bank with this method If you follow my "How to make money with Chaturbate" guide.
This method is black hat and use it just for promoting Chaturbate affiliate program!
This method don`t required any technical skill or knowledge...

Good luck!