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[How to] get unlimited social media marketing leads daily



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Apr 25, 2016
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For those of you with some social media marketing/promotional experience, running campaigns for local businesses can be:

1. Very easy to manage and scale
2. Very profitable, with little to no overhead expense other than your time and staff as your scale

Every business needs to have a decent social footprint so they need to do one of two things:

1. Do it themselves
2. Hire someone to handle it

You can manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

But for this you will only be using Instagram to source unlimited leads.

So many clowns are running Instagram campaigns for businesses and they are just setting up automated spam shit with Instagress and the other automation tools. This little trick exposes their incompetence and makes stealing the client as easy as taking candy from a baby...

It's so fucking easy...

1. Buy some phone verified Instagram accounts and keep a good supply on hand, because your accounts will get flagged and eventually banned. Look in the marketplace here for suppliers.

2. Create RIDICULOUS images/quotes using . They have a lot of free templates to use and it spits the image out using the correct size. Quotes like "ANY BUSINESS OR PERSON LIKING THIS PICTURE LIKES TO JERK OFF GOATS" or "WE SUPPORT JARED THE SUBWAY KIDDIE PORN HERO" and then tag them using the most popular hashtags.

3. Screen shot all the stupid fucking idiots using auto-liking. You will literally have hundreds of businesses to approach. Every time you post you can get anywhere from 25 - 100 likes within minutes. Screen shot away.

People will eventually flag them, but some posts will stay active for days and keep collecting idiots.

You need a real business set up with a very professional web image. If you can call the business. the close ratio will be through the roof. "Hi, we do local social media management in the area and we found something you might want to see. Are you aware that whomever is handling your Instagram marketing is liking images that make your business look very unprofessional?"

The business owner is going to be curious 100% of the time...

"What is your email address? I will send you a link right now."

What would your reaction be if you saw that your business IG account just liked this image:

You must be registered for see images

You would be ready to fire that company and jump ship, right?


"Can I send you some information on our local social media management service? We don't use automation like that...and put your business image at risk."

Most will want to hear about it right there on the phone.

If you can't call the business, have a VA email them all. Use reverse search whois to find email addresses. If there is only a contact form, host the screen shot image and send them a link to view.

Anyone with the willingness to work hard and some social media marketing experience can clean up using this.