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[GET] 19000 Backlinks Free


Staff member
Friends, I have found some sites which offers total 19000 backlinks for FREE. Just sign-up and create project with your url....Done

Tips: As they offer low profile backlinks it'll work well with Tier2 links or YouTube Videos.

1. http://247backlinks.info/ ....1000 backlinks
2. http://freebacklinktool.com/ ........500 backlinks
3. http://www.imtalk.org/cmps_index.php?pag...-Submitter ...2500 backlinks
4. http://www.indexkings.com/ ........15000 backlinks

Feel free to post any query.

Just to add one more info: Do not add backlinks for same url very fast....I suggest to add once in 15 days, if needed