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FREE Wordpress dominator Create sites, optimize them, generate articles and content,


Staff member
Hi. There is a free license for Wordpress Dominator
The license key is: augustin
You must have .net 4.5 installed ( comes automatically with windows 8 and above.
This robot is creating websites, creating content, generating articles, optimize all articles for google... and many other things. As i understand its not officiall released, but i found a license key that you can use.

there is also an amazon dominator where you can use the exact same license.
You can see how to use it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZ9lXNvSCiI
And you can download those programs from https://olarian.ro/roboti/

share them yourselfs until they find the bug and fix it.
Go and make your websites worth for google.