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Free Lynda account for yourself

<<< Make Unlimited Lynda Library Accounts :)
1. Visit NYPL.ORG
2. Click "Get A Library Card."
3. Scroll Down and apply for "Researchers Visiting the Library from Outside of New York State."
4. Write your real first name, last name and birthday.
5. Go to fakenamegenerator.COM and get the address, zip code, state.
6. Choose Region as International.
7. Submit Card Application.
Now, you will see a confirmation page, and there will be Your temporary barcode is 6778***
Keep it or save it on the notepad.
Now click Login to your account and choose a PIN.
Paste the barcode you got from confirmation page. And below, type any digit of PIN.
Then create your PIN.
Now last part:
Go to Lynda.COM
Sign In
Click sign in with your organizational portal.
Type NYPL.ORG on that box.
The temporary barcode is your Library number and types your PIN.
Log in.