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We have put in place a few rules which all of our members are expected to follow. This is a forum where discussions should not be over restricted, we understand this and have revised the rules over time. Obviously certain rules will need to be updated over time too. The staff at CPA Superheroes are here to help and may make mistakes along the way, remember, staff are only human so please consider this before dishing out any harsh messages. Please be reasonable with staff and the same will be given back to you, it's a two way street. CPA Superheroes will always be fair with it's users, favouritism will never be given to anyone.

Main Rules

1. Please do not post LQ posts.
We consider a LQ post to be one or more of the following:
- Spam.
- Irrelevant or not on topic.
- Abusive language.
- Contains referral links or links locked with offers.
- modified or LQ e-books.
- Bumping.

2. Adult discussions are allowed.

3. No abuse of the [HIDE] tags. They are to be used only when sharing useful content.
Usage of these tags for any other purpose is not permitted.

4. No privacy violation. You may not post other users personal or business information (including but not restricted to IP addresses, names etc) anywhere on the forum.
This is a steadfast rule that must be followed.

5. All shares including (but not restricted to) PDF files, text documents etc must be hosted on a free file sharing site and your post on the forum should contain a virus scan from VirusTotal.

6. No advertising or selling of any kind outside of the Marketplace section. Advertising your websites disguised as shares is also not allowed.

7. Do not impersonate members of the staff in anyway.

8. Do not create multiple-accounts. Anyone caught multi-accounting will be banned without a second thought. We do not endorse creating multiple accounts under the same IP. Regardless of whether it was you or someone who is kin to you who opened the account, we cannot take any chances. Our users' safety is our number one priority and it always will be. Bending the rules just because you say that it wasn't you is not an option. It just opens up way too many loopholes for other less sincere users to exploit in regards to scams and such. You need to realize that this same rule applys to every single user on any forum board online.

9. Do not evade bans. You will be banned permanently if you do so. Once you are banned permanently, you will lose all your groups.

10. Reporting posts or users without any reason is not allowed. If we happen to know that you have ulterior motives for reporting the user,
then you will be warned or banned. The report function is not meant to be abused in any way.

11. No referral links are allowed outside the 'Referral Section'.

12. You are not allowed to ask for reputation in threads, posts, user title, signature, private messages etc.
This also includes posts implying the users to give you reputation.

13. Do not exploit any bugs or vulnerabilities in the forum. Instead, please report it to a staff member immediately.

14. No promotion of services disguised as giveaways. This is seen as pre-sale advertising and you will be warned or banned appropriately.
This includes appraisal threads as this will be as an attempt to bypass the marketplace restrictions and puts the users at risk of being scammed.

15. Group buying is allowed on the forum.

This rule is in place to protect both the users and sellers, it normally ends up in tears thus why it's restricted.

16. You are required to communicate with all the members using only the English language.

17. No software that scrapes niches from networks should be shared or sold on the forum.
We maintain a good relationship with networks and we wish to maintain the same.

18. No modified or LQ vouches in the marketplace. Offering to vouch for a discount is not allowed.

19. You are not allowed to advertise competing forums anywhere on the forum. This includes but is not restricted to user title, signature, posts etc.

20. Reviews for networks are required to be posted only inside the 'Network Reviews' section. Anyone posting negative network reviews must have at least 250-1000 clicks before leaving a review, this includes a posted a screen shot of the statistics and when asked network ID's must be sent to the network owner/staff if requested, this is in order to verify you are in fact a user on their network. Do NOT post negative reviews about bad CR/EPC if you have next to zero clicks, you're only wasting your time by doing this and will end up looking stupid.

21. No referral/mentor request threads are to be posted on the forum, use the already created referral section.

22. No topics discussing religion because this only ends with arguments and tears. We all have our own views on this but it's best that we keep them to ourselves, forum topics around this cause headaches for everyone involved.

23. No beta threads asking users to test services/products, beta testing always ends up with upselling at some point, which is not allowed as only approved sales threads are to be posted on CPA Superheroes within the marketplace section or network review section, this rule is in place to protect the users from getting scammed. This includes networks or any type of service.

MarketPlace Rules

1. If you review something you must take the time to write an accurate review.

2. No sales trashing or hijacking.

3. No selling of illegal or LQ goods. This includes but is not restricted to LQ bots, credit cards, second hand licenses etc.

4. You are not allowed to sell [email protected] or hijacked accounts.

5. No offering of negative SEO type services, this is LQ and will not be tolerated on this forum.

6. When approved you are not allowed to edit your thread and insert modified /misleading/new unapproved services/products.

7. Selling of domains/websites require proof of ownership, this can be done by uploading a .txt with your Superheroes username into the root and then placing it into the sales thread.

Disclaimer - CPA Superheroes holds no responsibility of any sales made on this forum, deals are made at your own risk.

Upgraded Members

1. No leaking or premium content. If you are caught doing so, you will be banned permanently.
Leaking private methods only affects you in the long run.

2. You may not buy, sell, trade or share premium accounts.

3. Recognise that you are not exempt to the rules stated above.

Any questions?

If you happen to have any second thoughts regarding the rules, feel free to PM a member of the staff with your queries.
You can also contact us directly .

We will be happy to help you.

Thank you,
CPA Superheroes Staff.
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