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A New Link Wheel Strategy To Hit Google On The Face (Kill The Footprints)



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Jul 24, 2021
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A New Link Wheel Strategy To Hit Google On The Face (Kill The Footprints)
Hey guys,

Its mid night over here and I gotta rush. So, Let me make this quick. I found some very effective tips for your link wheels. Actually I found them on the net... Browsing.. You know... ACCIDENTALLY ..

So, without further ado.. here they are... Some tips to Help you make your Link Wheel More Powerful Than Even... Enjoy
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Linkwheel Trick 1 :

Do not close your link wheel! Google may detect a completely closed link wheel as a link manipulation. An alternate I´m using every once in awhile is to close the linkwheel using a link in the side bar of the Web 2.0 Spoke (You should use an RSS feed here too!). This is especially essential if you primarily build a small link wheel (below 12 spokes).

Linkwheel Trick 2 :

Bigger is Better! Try to build as large linkwheels as possible! Not only will this transfere more link juice to your money site, but it will make it more harder for Google to detect a closed linkwheel, this will not only increase the effectivity of your link wheel, it will also make it much harder for Google to detect your link wheel as what it is! It is also a good idea to randomize almost all factors of your linkwheel, including the amount of linkwheel spokes!

Linkwheel Trick 3 :

Do not wast your time with Web 2.0 sites using nofollow Links! Your Linkwheel will only take effect if all of your spokes are dofollow! Make sure to keep this in mind!

Linkwheel Trick 4 :

Add new content to your linkwheels on a regular basis! This will easily multiply the power of your link wheel after some time! Updating your content once or twice a month should be enough!

Linkwheel Trick 5 :

Add articles to your linkwheel structure. So you can use articles as linkwheel spoke for example.

Link Wheel Tip 6 :

Make sure to randomize your inter linking structure whenever you add new content to your linkwheels!.

Link Wheel Tip 7 :

Many Web 2.0 sites are allowing you to display RSS feeds or custom links on your Profile or blog! You can use this to interlink your linkwheels, your various spokes, moneysites and articles even more..

Linkwheel Trick 8 :

Why not interlink your different linkwheels, so you will establish a powerful link network to assist you to rank your websites even for compehensive keywords!

Linkwheel Trick 9 :

Make sure to customize the design and settings of your linkwheel spokes to avoid footprints. Make sure to add related meta tags, if possible.

Linkwheel Trick 10 :

Remember that you are not limited to submit articles! Add pictures, videos or even audio files to your Linkwheel Spokes and articles. By using this method, you can save lots of time jsut by converting your content in other formats.

Link Wheel Tip 11 :

Another method to increase your search engine position by using linkwheels is simply to add more content to more Web 2.0 sites! Typically I´m utilizing article directories, forums and social networks here. This will make it much harder for the major search engines to detect your linkwheel!

Do Pull Up A Rep If You Like The Thread... I will be trying this on my site in a short while and I will surely post an Update...
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