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8 Ways PropellerAds Can Help You Hit the Jackpot

You won’t find faster ad delivery than with our Push Notifications traffic. (And what could be more important to time sensitivity than speed?) . -PropellerAds has just reached 450 MILLION Push Subscribers! (The secret to big profits is scalability and reach - which we can provide!)

Lowest CPM and CPC bids on the market + smart optimization tools = Maximized Profits For You!

The “Smart Rotator Creatives Testing Tool” will automatically rotate up to 8 creatives in an ad set and pause the worst, leaving the best ones running to maximize your conversion rate!

“Target CPA” feature allows you to set a price you’re willing to pay per conversion, and the algo will automatically blacklist traffic segments that don’t convert at that price.

You can use “User Activity Targeting” to target the most active users! (No other network has this feature!)

There platform is so easy to use, even your grandma can run push campaigns!

-And if she’s ever lost, our friendliest and most-helpful support team will be on standby to answer questions!